Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms

About seventy-five percent women suffer from irritation of the vagina and vulva, the area around the opening to the vagina, during their lives. And, the irony is the culprit resides within your body! Yes, Candida albicans, a kind of fungus, is always present in the vagina, but kept under control because of the acidic environment. It’s when this environment becomes less acidic that the yeast gets a chance to multiply like crazy. And it’s just a matter of time when it takes the form of infection to wreak havoc, almost making you climb walls! If you’ve not experienced this condition ever, you’d just shudder to have a look at vaginal yeast infection pictures.

vaginal yeast infection symptoms

But, how will you come to know whether you’ve this infection? Although, there is no substitute for a physician’s diagnosis, there are certain telltale symptoms that are a sure giveaway of this infection.

Vaginal yeast infection symptom

Since, Candida yeast infection symptoms may vary from person to person, it’s important to know the cause of vaginal yeast infection. Pregnant women are more prone to vaginal yeast infection because of hormonal changes that disturb the vaginal environment, encouraging yeast overgrowth. Those who regularly use oral contraceptives for birth control are also more susceptible to this infection. Even those using steroids and antibiotics are known to succumb to this condition. A weakened immune system or diabetics also makes you a likely candidate.

The effect of vaginal yeast infection may range from mild to very uncomfortable. Let’s see what the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection generally are:

a. Itching and irritation: The first sign of the onset of this infection, itching is generally localized in the vagina and vulva. The itching sensation is usually mild to start with, but may become intense over time.

b. Burning: If itching is left untreated, it may get transformed into a burning sensation so bad you can hardly walk, let alone attend office or undertake household chores. Of course, in this condition you can’t even think of letting your man get anywhere near you!

c. Swelling: The infection may cause the area around the vagina to swell. This probably is a reaction to the inflammation of the vagina.

d. Vaginal discharge: Full fledged yeast infection is accompanied by an obnoxious vaginal discharge. This clumpy, nasty white stuff looks like cottage cheese. However, in some it can appear as watery, clear and slightly yellow fluid.

e. Odor: The vaginal discharge lends a distinct smell to your genitals, which thankfully is not unpleasant. The discharge usually smells like yeast, that is, like bread or beer. This is probably because yeast is used in brewing and baking, though the yeast for this is Saccharomyces cerevisiae and not Candida. This odor is a clear indicator of yeast infection.

f. Burning in passing urine: Of course, the state your vagina is in causes a burning sensation or even pain in passing urine.

Although, the severity of vaginal yeast infection is plain misery to most women afflicted with it, the fact is vaginal yeast infection symptom treatment is easily available and effective. However, before trying out anything, let your physician have the last word.

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