Vagistat Medication for Vaginal Yeast Infections

When you want quick and easy relief from the painful and highly treatable damage that vaginal yeast infection may bring, Vagistat-1 provides victims of yeast overgrowth a lifeline to call upon. When yeast infection has decided to make a home throughout the ins and outs of your vagina and vulva, Vagistat-1 brings on the heavy artillery needed to wipe out the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in one dose.

vagistat 3 medication for vaginal yeast infection

Active Ingredient: Tioconazole

The high concentration of Vagistat-1 offers 6.5% of the active ingredient tioconazole. This soft white medication is presented in a prefilled applicator, containing about 4.6 grams of ointment. Each dose is packed with 300 milligrams of tioconazole, which eliminates the overgrowth of irritating yeast fungus [1].

Treatment Use & Recommended Doses

While other yeast infection treatments may be able to assist in the reduction or elimination of the symptoms associated with a wide-range of ailments, Vagistat was created as a remedy solely for the treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis. This single dose remedy is delivered in an applicator already filled with product, which is fully inserted into the vagina. The best time to administer this treatment option is to wait for your bedtime. This way, the medicine can work uninterrupted and not be affected by the sudden movements associated with daily activity.

When ready to administer Vagistat-1, simply open the applicator and insert high into the vagina while lying on your back (knees pulled upward and spread apart). Pressing the plunger releases the medication. Once accomplished, you may remove the applicator and toss in the trash. To avoid the unfortunate mishap of leaking medication, using a sanitary pad will protect your clothing from stains. If you have any questions regarding Vagistat-1, you may refer to the detailed instruction sheet that comes with the product.


When using Vagistat-1, you should know that the base of the ointment has a reputation for weakening latex or rubber products. This means you run the risk of malfunctioning condoms and diaphragms if you attempt to have sexual intercourse during this time. It is suggested that you wait at least 72 hours before using these products or engaging in any sexual contact. Although Vagistat is safe to use during the second and third trimesters of a pregnancy, expectant moms should refrain from using this product during their first trimester when numerous factors can affect the health of a fetus. Vaginal douching should also be avoided while using this medication [2]

Possible Side Effects

When using this product, you may experience a batch of vaginal itching, burning, and irritation that may have not been present before using Vagistat-1. Sometimes mild pain or painful urination is seen in patients. These are normal side effects that occur in a very low percentage of users. If you should experience any of these effects for a long period of time or they become too much to handle, you should immediately contact your doctor.



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