Terazol Medication for Vaginal Yeast Infections

When the burning sensation, itching, and uncomfortable discharge associated with yeast infection gets too much to handle, you’re going to need a medication that provides effective relief. With prescription-strength Terazol, you can choose from two different methods for the treatment of infection: cream or suppository.

terazol 7 medication for vaginal yeast infection

Active Ingredient: Terconazole

Terazol provides the active ingredient, terconazole, which is used to effectively treat fungal and yeast infections that arise in the vagina. Available as a vaginal cream (Terazol-7 (0.4%); Terazol-3 (0.8%) or vaginal suppository (Terazol-3 (80mg), the white to off-white product provides treatment only for the vagina [1]. Terazol is considered an azole antifungal, which works against the growth of the fungus that causes yeast infection through a reduction and eventual elimination of vaginal burning, itching and discharge.

Treatment Use & Recommended Doses

Terazol is a 3- or 7-day cream or suppository treatment that is inserted into the vagina. This approach towards eliminating yeast infection is most effective when applied before going to bed.

When using the cream, the special applicator is filled with product to the appropriate level. If you are opting for the suppository, you will unwrap the product and moisten it with lukewarm water, which is then placed on the applicator as described in the product directions. While lying on your back, draw your knees in an upward position. After spreading your knees apart, you will insert the applicator into the vagina and push the plunger. This will release the medication.

After removing the applicator from the vagina, it should be pulled apart so that easy cleaning may take place. After each use, soap and warm water will do the trick. Washing your hands after treatment is needed to avoid spreading the infection to other areas of your body.


Before using Terazol, you should make a list of all of your allergies and other prescriptions, vitamins and antibiotics you may be taking. Together, you and your doctor can discuss whether or not Terazol is the best course of action to treat your yeast infection. It is also important to keep this form of medication as an external treatment option. The cream should not come into contact with your eyes or mouth; the suppositories should never be swallowed.

Terazol contains an ingredient that is known to weaken the strength of latex products, so refraining from sexual intercourse is a good idea for about three days after using the product.

Possible Side Effects

When using a product made with terconazole, you may experience a few side effects. Sometimes, you may miss one of your menstrual periods or suffer from a slight headache. These side effects are normal, but when you begin to feel burning or irritation in the vagina when the cream or suppository is inserted, you should promptly call your doctor. Stomach pain and fever is also cause for concern. An unappealing scented discharge coming from the vagina is also an undesirable side effect that needs to be discussed with a physician.


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