Monistat Medication for Vaginal Yeast Infections

A wide-range of television, magazine, and newspaper inserts highlight the popularity and effectiveness of the yeast infection treatment called Monistat. Through a variety of product options on the market, Monistat allows women to take better control over their treatment options. Whether it is the use of a vaginal cream or suppository, you may also opt for the convenient 1-2 punch of the Monistat combination pack. Regardless of the treatment approach you select, thousands of satisfied users praise the effectiveness of Monistat products.

monistat 7 medication for vaginal yeast infection

Active Ingredient: Miconazole

Monistat utilizes the antifungal ingredient, miconazole, which is quite effective in treating an array of skin infections, including athlete’s foot; jock itch and of course, vaginal yeast infections. Consumers will find miconazole products available in cream, powder, lotion, as well as spray liquid and powder forms of treatment. When treating vaginal yeast infection, the cream and suppositories are inserted into the vagina, and is one of the more common choices for yeast infection treatment.

Treatment Use and Recommended Doses

When it comes to using Monistat to battle the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection, there are 1-, 3-, and 7-day treatments available on the market. Depending on the product you choose, you will determine the number of doses, as well as the concentration of your treatment. Monistat-7 provides gentle and effective relief, but takes longer to work than other Monistat products. Monistat-3 offers a moderately high concentration of medication, taking only three days to complete treatment. The most convenient and quick results from the Monistat brand name is found through Monistat-1, which only takes one dose to work its magic [1].

Many yeast infection sufferers also find that the effectiveness of the Monistat-1 Combination Pack, which uses one dose of a soft gel vaginal insert, as well as an external cream to provide quick relief from the itching and irritation associated with yeast infection [2]. This approach towards treatment should only be taken when it is absolutely clear that you suffer from yeast infection. First-time yeast infection sufferers should confirm their condition with a doctor.

When taking Monistat for yeast infection treatment, you will find that one vaginal suppository offers 100 milligrams of medication for a 7-day treatment. Three-day treatments use 200 mg or 400 mg suppositories, while a one-day treatment uses 1200 mg of product to treat infection. To get an idea of a dose when using the cream form of Monistat, a 7-day treatment utilizes 20 mg of product.

Before going to bed, Monistat-3 or Monistat-7 should be used once per day for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections. Application of the cream or suppository is accomplished by lying on your back with knees drawn in the upward-spreading legs position. The medication should be gently inserted into the vagina with the help of the provided applicator. The medicine is released by pushing the plunger.


When using Monistat, do not let your eyes, nose, or mouth come in contact with the product. Swallowing suppositories is also a no-no. When using the cream, do not put any bandages, make-up, lotions or other skin products on top of the treatment. During your period of treatment, you should also refrain from the use of douches, tampons, or spermicides. This may disrupt the effectiveness of the product [2]. Users should also refrain from sexual contact because not only does this increase the chances of spreading the infection, but also the ingredients in the product are known to weaken latex and rubber contraception [3].

Possible Side Effects

When choosing Monistat for your yeast infection treatment, you should know that vaginal burning, itching, and irritation are some of the side effects you have a slight chance of experiencing. An even slighter chance of stomach cramping or the development of an upper respiratory infection may occur. Cease the use of Monistat and contact your physician if you notice a skin rash, hives, or painful urination [1].



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  1. izzy
    June 15, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    Thanks, my wife uses Monistat for Yeasters and it’s GREAT!

  2. charlotte davis
    January 3, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    does the one day dose really effective enough to take care of the irritation of the skin…my doctor friend said he would hate to see me have to run bk and get more???

  3. donna
    March 3, 2012 at 5:15 am #

    Have a yeast infection used it once terrible burning itching very red and swollen. Have to go to the er room.don’t ever use this product.

    • jojo
      May 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      monistat is a wonderful product always works but if you have a severe yeast infection it may not work

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