Male Yeast Infection

Can a male get yeast infection? The bad news is they can. So, male yeast infection is an unfortunate reality, which just cannot be wished away. And it’s not just thrush, the oral yeast infection common in men with HIV that is common; you can get male yeast infection on penis too. If you ever get a chance to look at male yeast infection picture, especially penile yeast infection, you’d know what we’re talking about. However, the good news is there are quite a few remedies for male yeast infection. Let’s see what yeast infection in male is all about.

male yeast infection

Causes for Male Yeast Infection

Candida albicans and other forms of yeast, which generally causes yeast infection in women, are the culprits in male genital yeast infection too. However, the main causes of penile yeast infections are:

a. Sexual contact: A yeast-infected woman can infect a man through unprotected sex. And, infected heterosexual couples can pass this infection back and forth endlessly by direct sexual contact.

b. Antibiotics: Prolonged use of antibiotics is the other main cause of this infection, although it’s far less common than sexual transmission. This is because the strong antibiotics not only get rid of harmful organisms, but the good ones too, allowing the normally-occurring yeast to take over.

c. Diabetes: Male yeast infection and diabetes are linked. Diabetic men are more susceptible to yeast infections, as their elevated sugar levels in urine encourage yeast growth. If you’re diabetic and a frequent victim of yeast infection, meet your physician.

d. Nonoxynol-9: This spermicidal is used to lubricate condoms. However, this may contribute to anal yeast infection in gays and, of course, vaginal infection in women. So, it’s best to use a condom that doesn’t have this lubricant.

Symptoms of Male Yeast Infection

Symptoms of yeast infection in male are quite different from those in the females. Those suffering from penile yeast infection may show no symptoms at all. But, for some, these symptoms can be quite dreadful. Let’s see what all are the signs of male yeast infection:

a. Itching and irritation: The head of the penis can itch like crazy and turn reddish.

b. Soreness: You can get little blisters and soreness on the penis.

c. Penile discharge: Even men infected with yeast infection experience penile discharge in the form of white, clumpy stuff, much like their infected women counterparts.

d. Itchy bumps: Much like the symptoms of herpes, these itchy bumps indicate the onset of chronic penile yeast infection.

Male Yeast Infection Treatments

Your best bet is to take steps to protect yourself against yeast infections by keeping the penis and the area around clean. For uncircumcised males, the best way is to gently pull back the foreskin of the penis and wash its exposed head gently with soap and water. Desist from using harsh cleansers that may cause irritation.

However, if you are infected, then go in for the most effective male yeast infection cures. They’re the side-effect laden, over-the-counter prescription drugs. These male yeast infection medications are tried-and-true methods of treating the infection. Since, they’re prescription drugs; you’d need to consult your physician first. There are two drugs commonly used to treat penile yeast infections:

a. Diflucan: This is very effective against species of Candida and some other fungi. However, allergies to it are not uncommon.

b. Nizoral: A very strong medicine with powerful side effects that can affect liver and reduce the adrenals’ ability to produce hormones, like testosterone.

If you happen to see male yeast infection photos don’t get discouraged by the alarming visuals. You can prevent and treat male yeast infections by taking your physician into confidence.

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