Canestan Medication for Vaginal Yeast Infections

When it comes to removing the irritating symptoms of yeast infection once and for all from your life, you’re going to need an effective treatment. Canestan equips yeast infection sufferers with a product that uses one of the best-known active ingredients to eliminate the overproduction of yeast. Not only has Canestan been offering high-quality remedies for decades, but also delivers swift relief with a product line that treats the top of your head to in-between your toes.

canesten medication for vaginal yeast infections

Active Ingredient: Clotrimazol

Developed by the trusted company, Bayer, Canestan is made with the active ingredient, clotrimazol that is used to treat any type of yeast infection imaginable. It is believed that the effectiveness of clotrimazol is unmatched by any other ingredient in yeast infection medications of today. [1]. When it comes to topical antifungal approaches, Canestan is leading the pack.

After reviewing all of the products effectively utilizing clotrimazol, you will find that the Canestan product line consists of vaginal tablets, powders, as well as creams with 1%, 2%, and 10% concentrations. There are also 1-day and 3-day combination packs, which provide vaginal tablets and creams for a double-duty approach towards treatment.

Treatment Use & Recommended Doses

The amount of days you require or desire for treatment will determine the strength of the Canestan product of your choosing. Canestan 1 offers one 500-milligram vaginal tablet or 5 grams of 10% vaginal cream for a treatment that lasts one day. This option provides the maximum level of treatment and even after insertion; the product continues to work for days. A 3-day treatment is offered through the Canesten 3 regimen, which provides three 200 mg vaginal tablets of 20 grams of 2% vaginal cream.

With Canestan 6, you will receive six 100 mg vaginal tablets or 35 g of 1% vaginal cream for a treatment that last six days. This lower concentration of medication is gentler on the body. When choosing a Canestan Combipack, you may select one or three days of treatment that combines the power of both the vaginal tablets and cream.

There are Canestan products that treat a wide-range of body parts. Skin treatment is made effective through the penetrating capabilities of the active ingredient, clotrimazole. Easier skin application may be achieved through the use of the Canestan spray because it is able to cover larger areas of infection. The powder form of Canestan is great for the treatment of foot yeast infection.; and is also great for providing additional after-treatment or prevention measures for when the infection is nearly healed. To treat hard-to-reach body parts, look for the Canestan solution, which attacks yeast that has developed between the toes.


When using Canestan products, you should never apply medication to skin that is broken or weeping. This will cause a burning sensation you won’t want to deal with. If you are menstruating and wish to use Canestan, you can still treat vulvovaginal yeast infections during this time, but results are much better when completing the treatment before a period begins [1].

Pregnant women are encouraged to use vaginal tablets for Canestan treatment because they do not require the insertion of an applicator, which may cause discomfort to swollen, pregnant vaginal tissue.

When drinking alcohol, using oral contraceptives and other medications, Canestan does not pose any known drug interactions [1]. However, it does interfere with the effectiveness of latex and rubber products, such as condoms and diaphragms.

Possible Side Effects

When using the Canestan vaginal inserts, you may face the rare side effects of nausea, facial swelling, or rash. Canestan cream may cause the very slight chance of mild burning or irritation after applying the cream. If this occurrence seems constant, wash off the product and quickly contact your physician. If you experience a worsening of your yeast infection symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor.



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